Anna Rosen
"The Sun Spoke"
November 12, 2016 - January 15, 2017

Kerry Schuss Gallery is pleased to present "The Sun Spoke," Anna Rosen's first solo exhibition in New York. Rosen creates vigorously physical paintings consisting of found fabrics, clay, rope, vinyl, bicycle tubes as well as paint. This material dimension intersects with an imaginary plane of archetypal symbols: narratives of passage, the cycles of heavenly bodies and encounters with erotic personae. A ship sails toward a dark tunnel in "N'E'W'S"; a sword-wielding, Medieval man on horseback pulls a wheeled cart with a mysterious cargo in "Easy Breezy Death Wagon."

The exhibition will also feature a Frankensteinian, nine foot tall assemblage called "Sun Spool," which consists of circular glass tabletops pierced by a vertical pole held together by drawn lines of liberally applied caulking.

"It's all about love," says Rosen.

To create foundations for these works, Rosen has selected pieces from a trove of inherited objects, including furniture, fabrics, scarves, place mats, souvenirs and tchotchkes. She uses these objects not only to enhance the physicality of her works but also as forms from which to extrapolate her layered imagery. Although almost unrecognizably transformed in the paintings, the found objects continue to resonate with personal meaning for the artist and, subliminally, for viewers.

Anna Rosen (b. 1984, Arlington, VA) is based in New York and received an MFA in 2010 from Columbia University. She had a solo exhibition at Night Gallery, Los Angeles in 2013, and a two-person exhibition with John Miller at Malraux's Place, Brooklyn, in 2014. Rosen's work has been included in recent group exhibitions at Lyles & King, New York; Night Gallery, Los Angeles; Kerry Schuss, New York; Silberkuppe, Berlin, Murray Guy; New York and Derek Eller Gallery, New York.