February 2 - April 13, 2014

Bill Adams Tom Fairs
Pearl Blauvelt Jenny Hampe
Jane Corrigan Robert Moskowitz
Ele D'Artagnan Alice Mackler
Jeff Davis Jocko Weyland
Ray Hamilton

With a dozen works on paper each by eleven artists, "Half Drop" offers a heterogeneous yet focused profusion of artwork. The exhibition's 130 pieces are installed approximately two feet apart from floor to ceiling using the pattern known as "half drop" in wallpaper and fabric design. This arrangement and its spacing provides enough room between works for concentration on every one singularly, while also creating a dynamic overall viewing experience of the entire assemblage. All are unframed, which allows for a closer inspection of the nuances, subtleties, and fine marks on every separate work, including the keen and sharp distinctions around the edges that often get covered up by framing.

Each artist's section affords a fuller picture of their oeuvre - especially highlighting their serial ways of working - and this gives a comprehensive and up close and personal insight into methods and motifs. Their relationships to repetition and obsession with certain subject matter are restated, gone over and revisited, yielding perspective into the hold that certain images, shapes, and forms exercise over the creator's mind. That most of the works are figurative also gives "Half Drop" a cohesiveness counterbalanced by the pluralism of its contents. Individually, the artists create worlds of their own, with themes they keep going back to or explore in a serial fashion. The multiplicity of approaches ands styles transforms the space architecturally, bringing together the unalike and disparate in a way that lets their independence flower in concert with a unified whole.